Cloud 9 Projects

"Bringing creative ideas and technical concepts to life"


About Cloud 9 Projects

Cloud 9 Projects brings creative ideas and technical concepts to life in the role of advisor, participator or investor. Cloud 9 Projects stands for positive energy, no-nonsense, teamwork and innovation to reach a "feeling of euphoria" for all stakeholders.

The expression "to be on cloud 9" describes the feeling of euphoric exaltation or extreme happiness. It is based on actual terminology used by the U.S. Weather Bureau. Clouds are divided into classes and each class is divided in nine types. 'Cloud nine' is the cumulonimbus that you often see building up in the sky in a hot summer afternoon. It may reach 30,000 to 40,000 feet.

About myself

In the past I have successfully worked as a marketing- and salesmanager in the ICT, consultancy and financial services sector. I had most impact where I could improve or innovate the strategic/ commercial side of a company as a (online) marketing-, salesmanager or business developer. 

In line with my background as a sportsman (former player of the Dutch national hockeyteam) and my result-driven and empathic characteristics, I am perfectly able to empower individuals and (project)teams in order to achieve the desired results. 

For me the number 9 was the lucky number on my shirt when I played hockey. The logo of "Cloud 9 Projects" represents a number of clouds (projects or people) which are transparent and seem to cooperate with each other in order to reach an euphoric exaltation. 

If you have any interesting ideas or concepts with enough potential to bring to the market, please contact me via the below form to discuss the possibilities.

Danny Bree